If you think, at anytime, any of the data you have provided with us may have been compromised, please contact us immediately. Please read through our Privacy Policy in order to know how Allday in Limited keeps your data safe. Our Terms and Conditions also explain the rules and regulations kept and how we are committed to keep you secured at all times.

If you receive a phishing email or message, free ticket scam, fraudulent invoices, or any other type of scam that claims to be from Allday in Africa Limited, please consult us immediately and report it to the authorities concerned. We shall never ask you to send us your personal information without communicating with you prior, when we need it.

In the very rare case of a security concern, Allday in Africa limited will not disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until a full investigation has been completed and any necessary patches or fixes are available for the protection of our customers.

In case of a concern or an issue that has to be rectified and you are an authority, or a law enforcement agent, we advise you to contact us directly at our official office phone: +255272544277 or send us an email at:


i. Keep logging details to your Allday in Africa online account secured
Do not, under any circumstance, share your online account password with anyone. Allday in Africa Limited or any of its representative will never ask you for this as part of our validation process or when providing support. We advise you to be changing your password on a regular basis.

ii. Avoid talking to the wrong people
If you receive a call, or have received either an email or text message and are being told to provide your personal information, make sure you verify that it is really coming from Allday in Africa Limited or any of its representative. All calls from will be scheduled through an email and will have your consent and all emails will have our address: and our logo.

iii. Do not follow links sent to you
Allday in Africa Limited will never send you a link to follow or redirect you to a URL that will require you to add you personal information. All communications that require the provision of your personal information will be done formally through the official emails and website, upon your consent.

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